Trade Secrets Part Two

Bunny Williams home is the cover of her wonderful book "An Affair With A House."  
The world renown designer and gardener and author, Bunny Williams, added her house once again to the Trade Secrets tour.  Originally Trade Secrets began 16 years ago on her property.

Okay I would like to say that I snapped this photo and spent the rest of the day with Martha and Bunny but unfortunately I didn't.  I didn't even see the trade show part remember?  I got there on the second day for the tours only.  But I grabbed this from the trade secrets page on fb.

Her pool house looks like a Greek or Roman Ruin up on a hill.
Below was her latest addition.

Below was her newest addition inside.  A very bright open loft.

Below her Conservatory.

This guest house is truly a place I could get comfortable in.

The fire was roaring as we walked through the room.  Each corner complete with a comfy chair and plenty of wonderful books spread around in every corner.

Art, books and wonderful textiles filled this space.

Once could probably never have to leave this superb cottage.

The lilacs looked freshly picked.  My lilacs have withered away at home but here in Connecticut they were in bloom.  Although the weather very was very cold and damp resembling early November instead of May.
I spoke to Bunny briefly as I was entering on the grounds.  She was greeting everyone as they entered her guest house.   Wish I had more photos.


Marilyn said...

Absolutely beautiful and such an eye for detail. Those gardens are stunning!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Bmore Bungalow said...

This was such a lovely tour. Thanks for sharing.

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