Trade Secrets

This weekend was a very busy one for me.  My son and his wife's baby shower was on Saturday.
I worked making tea sandwiches with my in law Karen.  She is extremely talented and very knowledgeable in tea sandwiches, party planning, table setting etc and gourmet cooking.  I am constantly learning when I am around her.
Today, Sunday, we attended the Trade Secrets event in Sharon, CT.  This two day event has become New England's finest annual horticultural outing.  I have attended three of them.

Unfortuantely yesterday was the day of the trade vendors so I missed shopping for garden items and flowers.  Today was the house tours.  My husband and I drove up early to see Carolyne Roehm's home Weatherstone and Bunny Williams home.  Here are some photos.
 Here I am standing in the same room below.

Below is Carolyne' s Studio.  Here she has so many of her lovely watercolors.  
 The room was decorated in her lovely signature style of blue and white.
Below me and the lovely Carolyne.  I have met and chatted with her before and I always feel starstruck each and every time.  She is so gracious and kind.

 So beautiful.  I will post on Bunny Williams home tomorrow.


Catherine said...

Very beautiful indeed! Wish I could have come with you, I love her garden designs. xoxoxxo

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous! But don't sell yourself short. The pictures you have posted of your own home are stunning as well.

As a native of upstate NY I always enjoy pictures of the homes and gardens of the Northeastern states. Oh, how I miss peonies and lilacs this time of year.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Wait wait wait - what??!!?? You said you were at your son's wife's baby shower? HUH? You are going to be a grandmother??? I am rather new to reading your blog but how is that possible when you are only 21? If that? You look like you are in college! Just wow. You amaze me. : - )

Loved these tours. Oh how I'd love to live in a large enough area to build such wonderful greenhouse conservatories. Ugh, so dreamy.

Thanks for sharing. What a neat thing to do!!

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