A Search For Beds.

I am constantly looking at my home. room to room and I take inventory, or I make mental notes.  I remember Mary Carol Garrity once saying she did the same thing.  I will walk in a room and think "What's missing?"  Or "What's wrong with this room?"  I drive my husband crazy at times but it's something I do.

Recently I have had a problem with one of my now guest rooms.
I Was trying to find the Ethan Allen Country Farmhouse bed that had been discontinued many years ago.  I looked for months.  Ebay, etsy, on line dealers of discontinued EA furniture.  I had no luck.  Even one of my closest friends who works for EA tried to find it and was not successful.  So I found a substitute on Joss and Main.  It was a Paula Dean Bed.  In theory it was what I was looking for, at least it looked like it.  Until I got it home.

It was massive.  I got it in the only size it came in - Queen.  It took up most of the room.  The headboard was gigantic.

I know you will probably disagree because the photo makes the room look bigger than it was but the bed truly was the elephant in the room.  Large and overbearing.   And once again I had the feeling of regret.  Why did I get this?  Why did I get it and not wait?  This drove me crazy.  
And then I saw it. 

The Ethan Allen Cottage bed.
This was the photo I found on Ebay.    
My criteria for the perfect bed was:
Arched headboard
preferably a foot board
Spindles or planks
Pine or light wood
Full size (because I had a full size mattress in the barn that was my son's bed.  
Preferably and Ethan Allen bed  ( I love the company and their furniture.)
Here is the room now.
I brought home one of the dressers I had in the store.  It's a vintage style that was painted.  It was the size I wanted and thought it would look pretty giving the room a little color.

I am still waiting for a few prints from Ballards to hang above the bed but I can honestly say I am very pleased.
All my beds happen to be Ethan Allen and two of them are discontinued ones that I have been lucky enough to locate.
Here is a photo of the other guest room which was my oldest son's room.
I had done a post about his room before.  I found this EA discontinued bed on Ebay as well.  Thank God for Ebay and Ethan Allen.


Catherine said...

So beautiful! And it goes so well with the armoire...meant to be! It is a much softer and calming look, which will be treasured by your guests.

Pat Howe said...

lovely room love the new bed.

Marilyn said...

First, I think you can do no wrong when it comes to décor, but I also have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of painted furniture.

The EA is light and airy and gives me a beachy vibe, perfect for Spring and Summer. The spindles add to that airy feeling which is perfect during the hot weather.

The hard wood set gives me a cozy, warm vibe and I picture it with soft blankets and comforters during the Fall and Winter. Maybe add some rust, red or green throw pillows. The beautiful wood blends nicely with the brown and cream drapery.

This may not be practical, but have you considered keeping both sets and switching them out? :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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