And One More Change

Ethan Allen, my favorite furniture store has a lovely curio that I purchased about ten years ago.  
It is such a gorgeous piece and I guarantee you will absolutely be smitten by it.

I first purchased it when we bought our home at the beach.    Here it is below in my dinning room.  
Below is my friend KC's home.  If you recall I blogged about her Charming and beautiful home in an earlier post.  http://leeshideaway.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-charming-country-home.html  You can read about her home in the link above.
Anyway, KC had a similar one from Ethan Allen in her home but used it as a book shelf.  I had not thought of using it like that until I saw hers.
Last week at the shore I kept dreaming of how the curio was really not being used the way I wanted to use it.  Although it looked lovely in my dinning room, I rarely entertain at the beach and I began to day dream about what I would place inside of it if I could bring it to our year round home and use it in my family room.
Well after much coercing, begging and pleading, my husband agreed to transport it back home.

Above:  my cabinet at home.  Please excuse the sheet on the sofa, it's for my doggies.
I am so in love with it, once again.


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