Amish To The Rescue

About nine or ten years ago we had our deck done.  We weren't able to go with high end decking supplies because we had just done the kitchen remodeling which took an entire year.  Over the years, although I was happy with the size and shape, I always regretted not investing in a composite type faux wood material.  We have had many splinters over the years, discoloration and general weathering to our deck causing the back of the house to look worn and weathered.  We are so blessed to have Amish friends who live close enough to help us out.  In the past they have built our barn, our study and a new roof.  Frankly I wouldn't dream of doing anything to our house ever without consulting them first.  If I had known them when we shopped around for kitchen designers, I would have undoubtedly selected them to do it.  
What can I say, we learn from our mistakes don't we?
So my friends began the task of redoing our deck this morning.
Now at the same time, my husband and I have been discussing the back roof and end of the roof over our kitchen window.  I always thought it looked unfinished.  At the same time I've loved looking at the frontgate and pottery barn catalogs with photos of those outdoor livingrooms.   A place where you could snuggle up outside without worrying about your furniture having to be put away or pillows stored because of the weather.
So we figured hey, why not right?
So below are some before photos and first day photos.  More to follow.


 Day 1

 Can't wait to post tomorrow's progress.


Patricia said...

Can't wait to see your progress !
We are in the midst of replacing our deck also - it was very old (25 years) and we are using "Azek", which is like a PVC plastic ! But it comes in many color choices, has a wood grain looking finish - and no maintenance what so ever ! Can't wait to see more pics of yours !

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