Happy 28th Anniversary to Us.

Tomorrow, Nov 5 is our 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I am so thankful that 30 years ago I decided to work at a youth day camp as a counselor and I met this guy.  I have to be honest ,I found him annoying at first.  He was talking about his SAT scores and I thought, "snoreville."  But then miraculously we became friends.   For two years we were camp counselors and I got to know him, Robby. He was a baseball pitcher in college and played basketball as well.  He was an incredible athlete, a drummer, incredibly intelligent and had a wonderful sense of humor.  The more I got to know him I realized he was the kind of guy I should be dating instead of the guys I was interested in.  I talked to him about my ex boyfriends and actually the boyfriend at the time and all that was going wrong and I remember how kind he was as he listened to me talk and talk without interrupting or even mentioning his high SAT scores.  Lol!
Little did I know he was interested in me the entire time.  Whent the summer came to an end he told me he'd love to take me to a concert.  I had never been to one.  I had just become unattached and agreed to go.
It was Elton John.
We had the last seats in the entire arena.
I didn't like Elton John, but I pretended to.
And here I am 28 years later, two sons, and a granddaughter, two dogs and years of memories,  special moments, tears, and laughter, a millions of hand holding, baby rocking, snuggling, joking, massages, plenty of those, (Rob attributes his arthritis in his hands from years of massaging my neck and back), agreeing that I don't look fat, kisses, long drives, humoring me when I have a new idea,
trips, surprises, advice, endless support, gifts, getting me coffee, moving furniture, hugging for no reason, watching thirty-something with me over and over, and finally forgiving me and loving me year after year.
He still makes me feel as if we are dating at times and I am the person I am today because of the support, love and constant example that he sets for me each day as a model husband, father and friend.  I am the luckiest, girl girl girl, on the face face face of the earth earth earth.
I love you Robby.
This is the photo that started it all.  The last day at Summer camp.  I'm wearing his t shirt.  I still have it and wear it to sleep.  This was the day he told me if I would go with him to a concert and I said yes.  It all began with a t shirt and a concert.  


lindajp6 said...

God bless you and your husband as you celebrate the day you made the commitment to love and cherish each other always and forever❤️️.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You two look ADORABLE.

You know you haven't aged a year from your wedding day - you look exactly the same, beautiful.

May you continue to be blessed with love, laughter, peace, joy and good health. Happy Anniversary!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Catherine Burke said...

I loved reading your love story! Congratulations to you both. You are one of my favorite couples and one of the most inspiring! xoxoxoxoxo

Marilyn said...

Congratulations to you both! May your love last forever.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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