Holiday House Tour

Good Tidings my friends, I have been wanting to post about my house tour and have been a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way.  With Thanksgiving, decorating my house, working at the store, having a black friday weekend at the store, preparing for my son's arrival from college, a house tour, and a holiday party at my home and baking cookies, needless to say I was passing out by 11pm with my computer on my lap sitting in my bed.  
So please forgive my tardiness.  With much joy I post now, my house tour.  Hope you like it.  I hope you get a cozy throw on this almost winter's night, (feels like the deep of Winter) maybe a cup of tea or coffee and get situated in a comfy spot.  This is going to be long.  

Here it goes . . . 

What is it with me and this ribbon that transports me to England in the early 1900's.  I can see myself in my petticoat and long skirt  scurrying through the "Dickens- like" cobblestone streets wishing every passersby a Happy Christmas!

 Isn't it a dream?

 My favorite ornaments are in the style of the German Kugels.  (spell check on Kugels)

Mary Carol has written that she loves every inch of her house and that she would not wish to overlook any of them without giving each one proper thought.  I have made that my mantra when it comes to decorating my home.  Every inch should have detail and be pretty.

We put our tree by the opening towards the foyer for ventilation.  My family room is very small and because we have one of those monster tv's (which I do not love- too big) I can't put my tree to close to him.

Below a mirror in my half bath.  It is stunning.  It belonged to my friend Susan.  She had a moving sale and I snatched it immediately.  I have always loved it in her home and thought it would look perfect in my bathroom.
Just a bit of greens and some Kugels to decorate the mirror.
 This is a view from my kitchen.  I placed a tree outside decorated only in lights.
 Below the view from my sunroom into the dinning room.

 I decorated my french tiered pastry shelf with fresh greens.  Love the look.

 I love dressing up even the statues.

Below view from the formal living room into the study.

The candles on my tree are from my store.  They are battery operated and work with a remote.  They are cordless and they swivel and clip on to the branches.  Genious design.  They give any tree a "Dickens Christmas" feel.

Below is my upstairs hall.
 The statue of mother and daughter was given to my mom by my uncle when I was a child.  I treasure it since I have very few things left from my mom.  It meant so much to her and now to me.

My friend Susan, the designer who owned my beautiful mirror, she was a firm believer of adorning even a little chair.  This chair was actually hers, and so was the velvet pillow on it.

 My hall bathroom I just adorned with a few wreaths.
 Guess room.  I decided to layer the mirrors and adorn with kugels and greens.
 Below, I had to put a boxwood on the bed.  Why shouldn't everything have a bit of festive feel.

 Second guest room.  This was my oldest son's room.  He's married now and a new daddy.

 I love adding just a few things to the bedrooms.  Like a pillow, or a small garland or wreath.
 Above and below, the master bedroom.
 I found this hand made toile quilt from my favorite antique place.  I have bought four quilts from this woman.  Beautifully done and double sided.

 Lastly, the master bath.
Well folks, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it, got inspired and are excited to decorate your home.  Feel free to share ideas, leave comments and ask any questions.  I'll be happy to help.
And most of all . . .

"Happy Christmas To All."


Marilyn said...

Absolutely stunning! I love how you incorporated so many natural materials in your decorating. I can envision all the oohs and ahhhs during your home tour.

It's very warm and inviting!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Julie said...

I put real candles on my tree but never light them. I love your battery operated, remote controlled ones. I'd love to order some from your store. Could you send me the store's email address or phone number? Or at least the store's name? Thank you!

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