I have been watching my dvd box set of The Dick Van Dyke Show for the past three weeks.  I had received it as a gift on my birthday in November and had recently started watching an episode or two every night before bed.
 It was my comfort tv show growing up.  This was the way I remember my parents and families at a time when all was simple and sweet and innocent.  Or at least it was to me.
It was a time when there were  only three channels to watch.  When kids played outside.
When moms were home when you came from school and loved to bake and surprise their kids with goodies.  My mom was like this.
Sexy and beautiful but kind and caring and funny and always had time for me.

I think the reason this show was so wonderful to me was because it was during an era that was so great.  I enjoyed my childhood and loved shows like this that taught good family values.

Today we lost Mary Tyler Moore.  An icon, a talented actress, dancer, and a role model.

Yesterday was my mom's two year anniversary of her passing and three days ago my uncle passed.

Last night I watched Mary dance in her living room, so gracious and beautiful and funny and I fell asleep with the dvd still on.  I woke to find the music of the show looping over and over.  Turning off my television I went back to bed and dreamt of the show.  Obviously because I had been watching it.

Early today I made a trip to the mall to find a dress suitable for my uncle's wake tomorrow.  As I checked my phone I had a news alert about Mary's passing.  I know that I never met her, nor did she know I even exsisted, but I can't tell you how her passing has touched me.

I am so thankful to have the shows she made and be able to watch them again and again.  To know that she is no longer with us pained me in a strange way as if she had been family.  When we grow up watching someone and identify with them, even if we didn't actually know them it is still felt as a loss.
I pray she is dancing in heaven.  Sad week.


Kathleen George said...

I'm sorry for your loss and you do count the years when your loved one passes too. I too, grew up watching The Dick Van Dyke show. I thought she was so pretty and chic. I love the one when her toe got stuck in the bathtub faucet:). Love her series too, a single working woman. Her apt was charming and so 70s. It seems like yesterday doesn't it? Take care during this time of grieving and continue on watching the classics, Kathleen in Az

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I absolutely agree and feel the same way.

She was our role model. We grew up with her (and I wantged to BE her!)

She was a true lady, classy, cute, fun, sweet, good, loyal, hardworking.....oh, those were the days!

May she rest in peace.

Marilyn said...

It's such a sad week for you. You have my deepest sympathy.

Like you I was stunned to hear of Mary Tyler Moore's passing. She was my style icon. All of us wanted to be like Mary Richards.

We loved her hair, her wardrobe, her apartment, her friends, her independence, her job. Because of her, we all craved double breasted pea coats and berets we could toss in the air!

RIP Mary. You truly could turn the world on with your smile.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

The Vintage Vixen said...

I am broken-hearted over MTM's passing as well. I still want to be her when I grow up. So sorry about your uncle.

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