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Greetings and Happy Spring everyone.  Sorry I hadn't posted in a while.  So I thought I'd make it up to you with a lengthy two parter post.  Woo hoo!  I'm calling this one Evolution.  
I read a cute little saying on Town and Country's instagram.  It said, when do you know your home is done, referring to decorating and the response was when you run out of money.  Meaning that one is truly never ever done.  

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am always fixing, tweaking, changing, adjusting, swapping, painting, redoing, reupholstering, slipcovering, or creating something in my home.  Why?  Because it makes me feel alive and happy.  Some people like shopping for clothes, others jewelry, some like to travel to distant lands, I like to "play" in my house.  That's how I love to refer to it.  I always tell clients that come to my store, don't be afraid to play.  Meaning use your things and switch them around and have fun.  Decorating should be fearless and fun.  
That being said I'm not a risk taker.  I won't go for fads and the latest hot color and decide to change my living room wall to burgandy or chartreuse.  That is not me.  I like simple but truth be told I am the worlds greatest copier.  
Don't worry, I never take soul credit for ideas.  If an idea was my own I will say it but most of the times I get my inspiration from my friends and I will say to them I am going to try that.  That's how we learn, that's how we grow, and how our taste, style and home evolves.  

So right off the bat I am going to say that I have learned, copied and loved the style of my two friends  KC Fitzmaurice and Catherine Burke and they know it too.  I also have learned so much from two more friends, Susan Taylor and Mary Carol Garrity.  
If my house were a novel I'd probably be sued for plagerism.  
That said, I wish to defend myself and state that in design it's all about finding what you love and adding to it.  And how do we find what we love? By looking at other styles,  reading, visiting, photographing what we see and then applying it to our own spaces.  So often I will see a room and say OMGOSH I love this look.  So how can I create that in my home?  
When you finally create a version of what you love it's automatically gonna to be slightly different because your home is different, the rooms, dimentions, layouts are different and your pieces are yours.  As you incorporate the style in your own home your actually adding your own personal touch and signature therefore making it your own.  So in theory, there really isn't any copying per say, more like adopting a look or feel.  Get it?  Okay I might be rationalizing.  Anyway hang up your coats, grab a cup of coffee or tea and come inside.  

Welcome to my home.
As you enter this is your view.  Our home is not by any means large.  It is a colonial style farmhouse built in 1960.  The ceilings are 8 feet so my foyer is very modest.  I chose Benjamin Moore's Simply white throughout the house because Catherine loved it and was happy with the product.  It also gives the feel of a much taller room.

My home consists of a few staples in furnishing.  Ethan Allen pieces - (whether bought through KC at the store or found on ebay or craigslist because they were discontinued)  Antiques -( like mirrors, I'm crazy about them.  Almost obsessed and the older the better.) Happily found items from online, Inherited one of a kind pieces from my friend Susan Taylor and Art, tons of art.  (I'm addicted to that too.)

Below is the original flagstone that went throughout the kitchen and foyer.  Only exsists now in the foyer.

Below is my Ethan Allen sofa that is upholstered in a white fabric that I just had slipcovered with this lovely ticking fabric from Magnolia fabrics.   By the way this website is amazing.  Decorative fabricsdirect.com https://www.decorativefabricsdirect.com/Magnolia_Home_Fashions_OXFORD_GREY_Fabric_p/6085019.htm

 Here is another shot of the sofa.  FYI The shape of this formal living room is difficult .  I've always had trouble placing my furniture because it is a rectangle with french doors on two ends and the french doors leading to the dinning room are not centered in the room.  I have never been content with where the sofa sits along the wall.  Really wish the room where more symetrical.
Below, this dresser is one of my favorite antique pieces I own.  Found on eBay and actually drove to pick it up.  The mirror above inherited from my friend Susan along with the fabulous chandelier that hangs in the background in my foyer.
I recently posted this photo on instagram.
Below my living room photo I wrote "This is where life happens."  As I look at it I can see my children at different ages running or walking through it.  What a blessing my home has been to us.
Okay so below is a perfect example of copying.  Julie blanner who has a lovely amazing blog, instagram, and website had this table and I loved it.  www.julieblanner.com  She has a lovely home and great taste.  You'll love her website and her recipes are keepers.

Below, I was so lucky to inherit this beautiful mirror from my friend Catherine.  If you remember it, it was in her Oregon farmhouse.  I truly treasure it and her.
 I added to my collection the lovely federal I found in Knoxville Tenn while antiquing.
Should not have taken this photo with the lamp on.  Will show another photo of the other side of the room on my next post.
Below, my kitchen.  Isn't she great!  This is my "Big Chill" kitchen.  At least that what I told my architect years ago.  When he asked me what look was I going for all I had to say was that and he automatically knew.  He actually said, say no more.  So I didn't.  For you youngens I'm referring to the movie The Big Chill.  If you haven't seen it, make sure you do and check out the kitchen.  Although now dated it still is a jaw dropper even today.
We changed our original flagstone to limestone and then recently to repurposed old hemlock from an old barn.  I was smitten.
By the way, in the near future I will be replacing the outer counter tops that are in grey granite to the white quartz in the center island.  Just waiting for my hubby to give me the green light.

Kitchen table was a farmhouse table from Pottery barn about 20 years ago.  Unfortunately they don't carry it anymore but I will never get rid of it.  My fav.  I can't begin to tell you how much I have entertained in this kitchen.  

 View of the sunroom.
Below, I adore my antique butcher block.  When entertaining it has my coffee station on it but on a daily basis it is the place where I have my topiaries that I love.
Okay so I'm not one of these people whose house looks like a museum.  I use everything I have, from china, to silver trays to great chairs etc.  I hate when people have rooms that appear to be roped off and they conserve them as a show room.  Please, life is short, use your favorite things everyday and make the best use out of them.  Life is fleeting and before you know it you will realize that you never enjoyed the things you had while you had them.
 Above, the sunroom with my antique sofa from France.  It cost 300 dollars just to ship it from california where it was in a store called eloquence.  www.eloquence.com

 Above two inherited treasures from my friend Susan.  The mirror and light fixture.  Although my husband fought me on this.  The ceiling is too low and wall to narrow but I didn't care.
This room has taken the longest to work on for personal reasons.  It was the room my mom and dad slept in and after my dad died it was my mom's room.  For the last two years I have changed it at least three times.  There have been three beds.  Two beds before this one and neither of them seemed right.  Until this one.
A vintage Ethan Allen bed bought on eBay.  My husband, who is the kindest man on earth, actually drove to the Hamptons to pick it up.  I absolutely love it.  I also toyed with various dressers but none made me smile until this one.  Once again, vintage discontinued Ethan Allen found on Ebay.  Thank God for Ebay.  Just so you know I'm not married to the mirror.  I recently ordered a wooden one from Park Hill, a company I carry at the store.  Waiting for it to come.  I saw this room with a simpler rustic style country mirror instead of a gold ornate one but who knows.  Will see.  The mirror is from Ballard design.

 Above, the armoire was from craigs list.  It is also a discontinued Ethan Allen piece.
Below was my son's room.  This room also gave me much grief.  The guilt of changing it was awful and once again I don't recommend you doing it, or atleast wait until your child is married for many years and then.  I had been excited about it until I changed it and I am not lying when I say I cried many nights about it.  So I had found antique twin beds and thought that would be a lovely addition.  Wrong.  Once again Ethan Allen and ebay came to the rescue.  I love this bed.
 I first fell in love with it when I saw it at KC's home.  And yes, I copied.
Below and antique dresser, an old family wicker chair from our old house, and a Joss and Main toile chair.  The mirror was photographed on my son's wedding day as he dressed for the big day.  It's an antique and I shall always look into it and see his reflection in his wedding suit.
I hope you enjoyed part one of my house tour.  I promise the next post will include the master bed and bath and dining room along with the porch and back covered deck and study.  Thanks for coming in and wiping your feet.  LOL


Keeping It Cozy said...

So fun to see a post from you! Your house is simply beautiful and I loved looking at all the photos of it. Will you tell me... are you happy with your quartz countertop? I have a sample sitting next to me and I've been debating and debating on ordering it for our new home. :-)

Marilyn said...

I think both your home and garden are simply beautiful and I enjoyed the tour. It's evident in your décor that each piece was picked with care and thought, but it doesn't have that museum feel that you alluded to. Love that your dog is enjoying your furniture. everything looks warm and inviting!

Good to see you back!

Marilyn(in Dallas)

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