I've always had a love for Ranunculus.  The little flower that can never seem to keep it's head up.  It is not as extravagant as a Rose, nor is it as fragrant as a Peony.  It wasn't even named for its appearance but for the moist environment from which it comes from but the name does mean radiant and beautiful.  It is sometimes even overlooked or forgotten by many husbands in a rush to pick out a last minute bouquet.  For me, it is the quiet gem of the garden.   I like to think of myself like a ranunculus.  Not perfect, a bit clumsy and simple and although appears frail it is strong but once it's all put together, it can create quite the show.  ( I wish)

When I see them I think of my mother.  Although my mother loved and admired roses, she tended to enjoy these because of their simplicity in maintenance.  As we gardeners know, roses are the prima donnas of the garden.  But as for simplicity in the bloom, there is nothing simple about this magnificent layered flower.  The many circles of petals that create the bloom are outsanding and when painting them, just the flower can take hours to precisely duplicate  the intricacies in just one bloom.     I adore the shades of blush, pink, and mauve they can show in just one bloom. (Along with the many other colors )  When paired with other flowers and placed along the edges of the arrangement and along spots in between, the look is exquisite.  

During this week, one of the holiest weeks, I want to pay attention to details.  In my garden, in my home, and in my life and with all whom I may encounter.  I will pay close attention to detail.  Simple acts of kindness are details we forget but when applied to our daily lives, they can create a current of positive reactions.  Details that bring joy.  

Have a Blessed Passover & Easter my friends.


Marilyn said...

Beautifully written and so true.

There is elegance in simplicity.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Kathleen George said...

Ranunculus are dreamy, romantic and timeless. A vase full of beautiful Ranunculus for Easter would be wonderful in honor of your mom. Violets for my mom and I treasure her everyday.
Yes, a kind word or smile can make a difference:).
Have a Blessed Easter or Passover,
Kathleen in Az

Kim said...

Love that you see yourself as that flower! Happy Easter!

harada57 said...
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