Our Farmhouse

This was our home when we first saw it many years ago.  My husband and I had relocated and bought a smaller home after five years of marriage.  It was a sweet home in a development in another town near the school where I taught.  As much as I loved it, I had always dreamed of having a farmhouse on a few acres of land.  We had a five year old son and a new baby on the way when fate came into play.
My husband Rob and I love to take drives on weekends along some of the beautiful roads around our home to see nearby farms and homes and take a second to unwind enjoying the beautiful surroudings we benefit from by living in such a rural area.  
One Sunday afternoon we were driving by a road where a house that my husband had always admired was for sale.  We joked about buying and guessed the price on the property.  It was a stunning home clearly beyond our means.  My husband then said we should call just to see what the price might be.  So the next day I called the realtor.  Well, the home was over a million dollars.  I nearly choked as she rattled off the numbers as if she were talking about a few hundred dollars.  Remember we were just newlyweds with a small boy and a baby on our way just starting our family.  
Now this is where the story takes a strange turn.  
I was already to end the conversation with a simple "thank you and goodbye" when the realtor whose name was Jane asked me what I was looking for.  I told her that it was a just out of curiosity and that we were not looking to move or purchase another home.  
She kept me on the phone for at least twenty minutes asking me questions.  Questions about my style of home, what were our preferences, how many acres would we be interested, etc.  
It was an odd conversation.  Needless to say we said our goodbyes and that was the end of it.
Or so I thought. . . 
A year later I received a phone call.  I now was a mother of two boys.  It was the realtor, Jane.
I didn't remember her until she reminded me of our conversation.  And when I acknowledged that I remembered who she was she said the words that I would never ever forget.
"Lisa, I found your house."
How does one respond to something like that without wanting to know more?  Impossible.  Remember my husband never even knew about the first conversation.  So how could I tell him about this one?
We went back and forth for a few minutes while I tried to tell her that my husband and I were not looking or had any intentions of moving from our home in which we only lived in for five years.  
She then made a risky move.  Jane said  "Look Lisa, I am so convinced that your going to love this house that I'm going to fax you the information and if your interested I will even give you the address so that you can take a drive with your husband and go see it.  Even if it's without me."
Wow, what realtor does that?  
So she faxed me a pic.  Now you remember those dreaded fax machines.  When the fax came through it was smudged and unclear and I could hardly read the numbers or the information but in the photo that was partially smudged and blurred, I could visibly see a corner of the home.  That corner, that part of the black and white faxed photo literally made my heart jump.
I can't explain it.  It was as if something inside me knew, it would be my home.
Now imagine waiting on the phone for my husband to pick at work.  He has his own film production company and is very busy during the day.  I had to explain a year old conversation and the fact that a stranger had mysteriously searched for us during an entire year to find us our "dream home".  
Okay, so I told him.  Just imagine Lucy and Ricky, that's pretty much us, except my husband doesn't speak spanish or play the conga drum.
At first he was pretty shooken up.  He didn't understand how we went from content in a home to taking to a realtor to gettin faxed info and a possible appt.  
I knew it was crazy but I had to go see it.  So Saturday, the next day, we took a drive.  
I remember my heart was beating so fast inside my chest.  At first we missed the house completely.  Remember this was before Navs, garmins, i phones, etc.  We just had a map stretched out over our laps.  
The second times we drove by we saw the address and the property but the row of pines was so thick that you could hardly get a glimpse of the house.  We would have to slow down to almost a full stop to see through the white pine branches.  Luckily the road in front of the property wasn't a main road.  We looped around again and came down the winding road towards the house once more.  This time there was no one behind us and Robby said "okay, I don't know if I can stop for long so take a good look."
So we slowed down and as the car came to a full stop I saw my house.  The white house seemed to glow in the afternoon sunlight beneath the large pines that surrounded it.  I held my breath and turned to my husband.  He knew he was in trouble.  
I immediately called Jane once we got home and scheduled an appointment to see the house the next day.  
I recall not being able to fall asleep that night.  I was filled with wonder and excitement and fear and worry all at once.  
The next day we had an appointment for early afternoon.  During the drive to the house my husband briefed me on the do's and don'ts.  
He said clearly, "Don't appear over anxious or excited.  Play it cool."
I nodded as I stared out the window like a dog panting in the wind.  
When we reached the address we turned into a long driveway that hid along the great row of White Pine trees.  Jane waited for us in the driveway.  Oddly enough she was also the realtor of the family who was selling the house.  
She greeted us and was so sweet that I immediately felt a closeness to her that I couldn't explain.  
This was the view I could see from the driveway.  The massive pines covered most of the front with their branches.  She said to my husband, "Let's see the back of the property first before we go inside."
He nodded and followed as she led us through the side into the back.  As I watched my steps weaving through the large hostas and small gravel walkway I suddenly was unable to move.  
This is what I saw.  It was incredible.  I could hardly breathe, let alone act cool like Rob had said in the car.  I atually gasped and continued to slap my mouth closed just at the precise moment that Jane caught  my reaction and smiled at my husband.  
Rob gave me a look like "you blew it".  
Well, long story short (too late) we made an offer before even putting our house on the market.  The next day we put a for sale sign on our home.  The offer went back and forth twice with a few minor changes until finally Jane called.  They had accepted our offer.  We had just made an offer that cost a little more than twice our home, the same home that we hadn't sold.  
We panicked.  Here we were, two young kids with two babies and two homes with hardly any money.  
Here we are almost 16 years later.  I can't remember Jane's last name and never heard from her again.  She left Fox and Roach and we were unable to get in contact with her.  Since then we have built a porch and an addition, added an Amish Barn and added many flowering trees, a perenial garden and a vegetable garden.    It is our home and I can't imagine living anywhere else.  


Anonymous said...

I love the story! It was fate when my husband and I found our farmhouse too! We didn't even have plans to buy a house when we came across some land for sale...little did we know it came with an old, two-story farmhouse. It has some age on it but it is full of history and we love the immediate feeling of home when we walk in the door! I hope one day we can say we have made as many improvements as you have to yours! :) Your home is beautiful! Love your blog!

Sarah said...

Lovely story! Sounds like a dream come true. I hope to fall in love with a house in this way, one day. Lovely.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh how I wish you could find Jane again - how nice it would be to invite her for a glass of tea or lemonade and visit on your amazing porch!

She is one of the best realtors I have ever heard of- what an amazing gal.

Maybe she read this post, that would be neat, huh?

awal.ny said...

What a lovely story. How amazing that it happened like that. Alaina

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful blessing to find exactly what you were dreaming of..It is beautiful! Blessings!

Kim said...

I stumbled upon your blog and read with excitement your story about finding your dream home. It truly is beautiful. Your comment about the realtor being Fox and Roach has me wondering if you are in New Jersey? We live in South Jersey and are about to embark on the same journey.

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