The Shoebox Revisited

Hi Everyone!
Yes I know it's been awhile but the good news is I have a really valid reason why I've been away from blogging.  I was completing my third novel called Holding on to Hope which will be out in June.  I am so excited to have you all get to know the new characters and I promise you will fall in love with them too.
In the meantime, I have a new publisher and because of my first novel being out of print I decided to do a reprint of my first novel The Shoebox with the new publisher to make it available for all my readers.  A new publisher called for a new cover.  I must say I am very pleased.  My original novel pictured an older Peter, the main character.  I decided to use Peter in his forties which the novel focuses that stage of his life for most of the story.

For those of you who have not read it, you're in for a treat.  All my readers have fallen in love with the story and I can say that a very famous director and producer reached out to me with interest in the book.  I don't know what will come of it but I am humbled and flattered that my story has reached so many.    So when you go to purchase the book, make sure this is the cover you want.  The older copy with the older Peter is out of print although it still appears on Amazon.
This is the copy you will want.
Also don't forget my website for more information:  https://lisamercadofernandez.com
Thank you for all your support, friendship and always love.

Will be posting soon on the new book and the release dates in the next week or so.

God bless,


Christmas Party 2018

In the past my Christmas Parties have always been legendary.  But to be honest at the same time they have always been a lot of work.  I have always included a dinner with all the fixings.  When you have over than 25 people it begins to become a burden and stressful.  This year I am happy to say I came up with a fabulous idea.  Why not have an after dinner dessert evening party with live music.  I did have cheese trays with fine cheese soppressata and crackers and crusty bread but the main focus was on desserts.  I made one and told people to bring something sweet.  I used my good dishes and silverware but it's still less work than having all your dishes for a sit down dinner.  
With the money we would be saving on food I asked my husband if he would consider hiring a band to play.  Luckily we have many musician friends.  They were incredible and their talent brought out the talent of so many of my wonderful friends.  

 Below my beautiful friend Linda who is a professional singer graced us with her voice.

 Below my friend Charlie and I did a few numbers.

 And my friend Patti's husband dazzled us with his Outlander Attire that was a huge hit with all the ladies.

I am incredibly thankful to God for 2018.  It brought us another grandchild, Alex.  I pray that all who read this have a wonderful New Year filled with great joy and peace and love and many blessings from above.
My wish is peace and understanding for the world.  May we treat others with the knowledge that they matter and always show love through out actions and words.
Happy New Year Everyone!
Promise will post more.

Stay tuned for my third book "Holding On To Hope" Out by Valentines.

Christmas Decor 2018

This year I collected a few new friends.  Two who have beautiful style and decorating abilities of their own with gorgeous homes.  They are lovely women of faith who have become great friends.  They have asked me for help a few times with decor and getting their house ready for Christmas and are quick to send me pics for my approval.  I am so humbled and love that they look to me when I still have so much to learn.  Anyway, one of them asked me as I was decorating her chandelier, how do you know to do that? What makes you put this with that and so on?
I smiled knowing how much I have learned from Mary Carol Garrity, Carolyne Roehm, My friend Susan Taylor and my dear friend KC and I told her about copying for so many years and adapting most of their philosophies and then she asked what mine was.  

I believe I have developed my own sense of style, finally after so many years of not knowing, changing, searching and trying to figure it all out.  But I have come to the conclusion that it all comes down to how much you can reinvent what you have.  It's the ability to take what you have and shake it up, change it up, move it around and group it with old and new to give you the ahh moment.  You know the one, when you walk into a room or see a little vignette and your mouth opens and you let out a little gasp.  I want that whether it's Christmas, holidays or not.  I will emphasize that copying is not terrible.  It's the first step at figuring out what your style is.  First you copy something you see in your own way.  Sometimes it's exactly and sometimes it isn't and sometimes you improvise.  That helps you develop confidence in what you do.  
After you start to mimic what you've seen and realize your missing something like that here or there.  Thats' when your creativity comes out.  And then you begin to add a bit of yourself.  Like that recipe that your mother in law is known for making and you decide it needs just a little more vanilla.  Boom you have added your own creativity and a little bit of you.  Same with design and decor.  
Who says I can't put a nine foot midcentury mirror in my upstairs tiny foyer next to a closet?  No one.  And if they do I will say too bad!

Below, I love to decorate my French baking shelf.  It is always so exciting to see it with fresh greens. But here is a little secret.  This year I started with fresh and then added faux greens.  What is real is the fruit and the berries.  The winterberries are from my garden.

 Below Rudy sleeping on my wing chair.
 Every year I am motivated by a theme or a color.  Sometimes it can just be a ribbon or a motif.  This year it was all about the twinkling effect.  I wanted to make everything twinkle.

 This year after three years of having a house tour, since I no longer have a store I was not on the house tour.  I was very happy and therefore decorated very simply upstairs.  Here is just a peek at our master.  Just a few wreaths and bedding.

 I always decorate the mirrors.

I adore to make any statue festive.

Above my grandaughter placed all the saints on the piano.

I live to organize a little tray with a few greens and sparkly ribbon and ornaments.  Below was my favorite little spot of the house.  I wanted to dress up my favorite statue.  She was dazzling.
I know that I have done all these posts in two days so the dates are not reflecting when events occurred but I wanted to end 2018 blogging with everything from 2018.  Working on the next and final post for 2018 now.  My Christmas Party, and was it ever fabulous.  Will be up shortly.
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