Going to Kansas to see Mary Carol!

On November 2, Mary Carol Garrity will open her lovely home once more for her Holiday Open House.  God Willing I will be attending!
My husband gave me the best surprise.  Our 24th year anniversary is on November 5 and he booked a flight for Mary Carol's open house to return the same day back home.  (I take care of my mom and it is difficult for me to stay over night) My excitement is blocking the fact that I am terrified of flying.  But I am going to try and focus on the fact that I will be walking through her lovely home once more, taking photos for my blog and visiting all three of her stores.  AHHHHHHHHHH!
Pray that I won't chicken out please.  I'm so excited!  I promise I will take a million photos to post on my blog.  
I can't can't can't wait!
Please, if you've never ever heard of Mary Carol or Nell Hill see her blog and store website on my side bar and order all of her books.  They are truly a gift.  My friend Lisa L introduced me to the Nell Hill world and I have never been the same since.  
Also exciting, I just learned today that Carolyne Roehm (another influencial person in my designing world) finally updated her website.  It is fabulous.  I posted it on my sidebar so feel free to click on it and see how beautiful it is.  
Thanks to all my 72 wonderful followers.  I appreciate every single comment.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling.. yay!!! lucky lucky you.. wish I could join you, take tons of pictures.. hugs ~lynne~

BB said...

Happy for you! Looking forward to your photos and the story of your adventure. You have a gem of a husband!

RhondaK said...

Hi Lisa! So excited to hear you are coming my way (I'm 3 hours west of KC). Would love to meet you. Love your blog. RhondaK

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