Christmas Party 2018

In the past my Christmas Parties have always been legendary.  But to be honest at the same time they have always been a lot of work.  I have always included a dinner with all the fixings.  When you have over than 25 people it begins to become a burden and stressful.  This year I am happy to say I came up with a fabulous idea.  Why not have an after dinner dessert evening party with live music.  I did have cheese trays with fine cheese soppressata and crackers and crusty bread but the main focus was on desserts.  I made one and told people to bring something sweet.  I used my good dishes and silverware but it's still less work than having all your dishes for a sit down dinner.  
With the money we would be saving on food I asked my husband if he would consider hiring a band to play.  Luckily we have many musician friends.  They were incredible and their talent brought out the talent of so many of my wonderful friends.  

 Below my beautiful friend Linda who is a professional singer graced us with her voice.

 Below my friend Charlie and I did a few numbers.

 And my friend Patti's husband dazzled us with his Outlander Attire that was a huge hit with all the ladies.

I am incredibly thankful to God for 2018.  It brought us another grandchild, Alex.  I pray that all who read this have a wonderful New Year filled with great joy and peace and love and many blessings from above.
My wish is peace and understanding for the world.  May we treat others with the knowledge that they matter and always show love through out actions and words.
Happy New Year Everyone!
Promise will post more.

Stay tuned for my third book "Holding On To Hope" Out by Valentines.


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