The Shoebox Revisited

Hi Everyone!
Yes I know it's been awhile but the good news is I have a really valid reason why I've been away from blogging.  I was completing my third novel called Holding on to Hope which will be out in June.  I am so excited to have you all get to know the new characters and I promise you will fall in love with them too.
In the meantime, I have a new publisher and because of my first novel being out of print I decided to do a reprint of my first novel The Shoebox with the new publisher to make it available for all my readers.  A new publisher called for a new cover.  I must say I am very pleased.  My original novel pictured an older Peter, the main character.  I decided to use Peter in his forties which the novel focuses that stage of his life for most of the story.

For those of you who have not read it, you're in for a treat.  All my readers have fallen in love with the story and I can say that a very famous director and producer reached out to me with interest in the book.  I don't know what will come of it but I am humbled and flattered that my story has reached so many.    So when you go to purchase the book, make sure this is the cover you want.  The older copy with the older Peter is out of print although it still appears on Amazon.
This is the copy you will want.
Also don't forget my website for more information:  https://lisamercadofernandez.com
Thank you for all your support, friendship and always love.

Will be posting soon on the new book and the release dates in the next week or so.

God bless,


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